About Us:

The Pantry, by Feeding Hawaii Together, is the only e-commerce food pantry in the country operating weekly, year-round, to provide free, nutritious food to the families of Hawaii. For over 20 years, we have been serving our Oahu community with a “grocery store style” experience so customers can choose the food they want, when they need it, ultimately eliminating food waste. By developing innovative ways to provide quality, healthy food for free—so no one in our community goes hungry—The Pantry has become one of Hawaii’s largest food distribution services addressing the urgent issue of food insecurity.

The Problem:

Hawaii is facing a hunger crisis. As of March 2021, nearly 50% of Hawaii families with children reported experiencing food insecurity. Now one of the most urgent issues facing the islands today, food insecurity has dramatically increased the past year with the pandemic.

Our Impact:

In the past year since reopening our warehouse in April 2020, we have served over 120,000 individuals, and distributed over 2 million pounds of food. In the average month, we serve about 13,000 individuals, including our keiki and kapuna, through a contactless, drive up process where volunteers provide customers with the custom food order they placed online.  

1 in 5 Hawaii residents struggle with hunger

1 in 6 children in Hawaii struggles with hunger

Hawaii unemployment claims as of June 18

What We Do

In 2020, we reopened our new 13,000 sq foot facility in Kalihi on April 1, 2020. In the 9 months since reopening, we distributed over 1.5 Million pounds of food to over 77,000 to Hawaii Residents. We continue to seek partnerships to work with local farmers, distributors, and restaurants to help ensure that no one goes hungry. 

Our Mission

We seek to serve the community by developing innovative ways to effectively serve, with dignity and compassion, the daily food needs of a greater number of Hawaii’s working people who struggle with food insecurity including children, the elderly,  and those who are disabled.

Our Vision

Be a model for food security in Hawaii.



The Pantry by Feeding Hawaii Together employs a “grocery store style” experience where our clients are able to “shop online and pick-up food by appointment.” We offer a range of foods to choose from, all for free. By doing this, not only does The Pantry reduce food waste because our clients are taking the food they want every week, but we provide them with a 24/7 platform to order their food and pick it up at individually scheduled times.

Online Shopping For Those In Need 

Pick the foods you want to create meals for yourself and your loved ones. Fill your online shopping cart at your convenience and pick up your order at a time specifically reserved for you.

How You Can Help


WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Your tax-deductible donation helps buy the food we need to be part of the solution to minimize the impacts felt by thousands of residents affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Join our team and help us eliminate hunger in Hawaii. From marketing to operations there’s a volunteer position available for everyone.